Julian Klauza

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Supercool in indirect systems with AQUACOOL GREEN chiller

MLP Pruszków II logistics centre near Warsaw, in Brwinów Municipality, 5 km from Pruszków, has welcomed a new investment. JANEX, a company specialising in the distribution of meat and processed meat products, offering a wide range of semi-finished products and innovative solutions for the catering industry, has finished the construction project of its new facility.

Specially prepared potassium formate solution used as a cooling medium in an indirect system offers numerous advantages both in economic and environmental terms. The contractor successfully uses this solution under the trade name SuperCool enriched with all the required additives, including corrosion inhibitors to protect the components of the hydraulic system. The fluid has a number of properties important in the refrigeration technologies, including:

  • low viscosity;
  • high thermal conductivity;
  • compatibility with virtually the entire range of materials used in current hydraulic systems (with a few exceptions).

An indirect cooling system that is appropriately balanced in terms of costs not only offers a good value for money, but also has certain undeniable technical advantages, including:

  • the failure rate of indirect systems is lower compared to DX direct cooling systems (e.g. CO2 systems). When a failure, such as leakage, does occur, the repair is less complicated and less costly. In addition, leaked potassium formate solution does not pose any environmental risk;
  • the general servicing of intermediate systems does not require such highly qualified staff as in the case of DX systems, especially those based on CO2.

The above-mentioned properties allow for the use of pumps with a lower compression ratio, radiators with relatively smaller dimensions and piping with smaller diameters compared to systems based on glycol solutions, bringing down investment costs.

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