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Procold’s Leakage Detector as an innovative feature of antifreeze fluids.

Antifreeze fluids have long been an essential component of various heating, plumbing, heat pump, and solar installations, especially in regions with low temperatures. We, as a manufacturer of glycol and potassium formate-based antifreeze fluids, always strive to improve our glycol-based antifreeze fluids to ensure safety and convenience for our customers.

As a result, some time ago, we developed something we are very proud of – a leakage detector!

As mentioned earlier, glycol or potassium formate-based antifreeze fluids are commonly used to prevent freezing in various types of installations, protecting systems from corrosion and freezing. Unfortunately, leaks can occur in such systems, which may lead to the leakage of antifreeze fluid, posing a safety risk to the entire installation.

As a manufacturer of heat transfer fluids, we understand how challenging it can be to identify the source of leaks in the event of a malfunction. That’s why Procold has introduced a leakage detector as a new feature of its products on the market.

Początkowo nasz detektor wycieku stosowaliśmy tylko z płynami niezamarzającym do instalacji grzewczych, sanitarnych, chłodniczych, pomp ciepła, czy solarnych natomiast teraz również nasze płukanki mogą być wyposażone w detektor. Takie zastosowanie pozwala nam na przetestowanie szczelności instalacji jeszcze przed napełnieniem jej faktycznym płynem do transferu ciepła na bazie glikolu.

Initially, we used our leakage detector only with antifreeze fluids for heating, plumbing, cooling, heat pump, and solar installations. However, now our flushing solutions can also be equipped with the detector. This application allows us to test the integrity of the installation even before filling it with the actual glycol-based heat transfer fluid.

We must mention that equipping our fluid with a leakage detector from our range does not in any way affect the price or parameters of the product.

Benefits of a leakage detector in antifreeze fluids:

  • Installation safety: thanks to the leakage detector, we can detect even the smallest antifreeze fluid leak from the installation. As a result, service technicians can react quickly to potential threats and prevent significant system damage.
  • Increased fluid and installation lifespan: thanks to the leakage detector, service technicians can swiftly detect leaks and take appropriate repair actions, contributing to the increased lifespan and efficiency of the installation.
  • Protection against breakdowns: the leakage detector can help prevent serious system failures that could lead to costly repairs and extended downtime.
  • Ease of use: the leakage detector is user-friendly. All you need to do is fill the installation with a product featuring leakage detection capabilities and check the installation using our PROLIGHT D1018 detection lamp.

Possible applications of Procold products with a leakage detector in various types of installations:

  • Refrigeration installations: antifreeze fluids with a leakage detector are an excellent choice for refrigeration systems where temperature control is critical. The leakage detector ensures the safety of refrigeration installations, protecting them from potential leaks and maintaining proper cooling conditions.
  • Solar collector installations: in solar installations, antifreeze fluids with a leakage detector protect against freezing and overheating of glycol-based fluids in solar collectors. The leakage detector helps prevent efficiency loss and damage to the collectors.
  • Heat pump installations: in heat pump installations, antifreeze fluids with a leakage detector ensure the stable operation of the system, reducing the consequences of potential leaks in the system.
  • Heating installations: in heating installations, antifreeze fluids with a leakage detector are essential to prevent the freezing of glycol-based heating medium. The leakage detector helps maintain the reliability and efficiency of heating systems and, if necessary, facilitates locating the source of leaks.
  • Sanitary installations: In hot and cold water sanitary installations, antifreeze fluids with a leakage detector provide protection against freezing of water in pipes and sanitary devices. The leakage detector allows us to quickly locate the point of failure in case of a leak.

Introducing a leakage detector into antifreeze fluids and flushing solutions is a significant innovation that contributes to enhancing the safety, durability of products and installations, and user satisfaction. This solution has a wide range of applications in various types of installations. With this new feature of antifreeze fluids, customers can rest assured that their installations are 100% leak-proof.

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