Factory GLY

Factory GLY

FACTORY GLY is an universal heat transfer fluid with a modern leak detetector formula. GLY FACTORY is based on the ecological propanotriol. It is an economical substitute for monopropylene glycol-based fluids. This product is an ideal solution for hydraulic installations where safe use is required. It protects against freezing, corrosion and deposits. FACTORY GLY is approved for use in domestic and public installations, as well as closed installations in the food industry. It is dedicated to systems with higher operating temperature. It is fully miscible with other fluids based on propylene glycol.


  • Leak detection function
  • Economical solution,
  • Approved by the Polish National Institute of Public
    Health/National – Institute of Hygiene (PZH, Poland)
  • Poses no danger to life or the environment.

Product form:

  • Ready to use
  • Concentrate


air conditioning
heating systems
solar thermal collectors
heat pumps
sprinkler pumps

Available capacities

1l 5
1l 20
1l 120
1l 200
1l 1000
1l 24 000

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Factory FLUSH

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