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Use of antifreeze fluids in geothermal installations

Geothermal systems are an advanced technology that uses the earth’s natural heat to heat and cool buildings. A key component of these systems are the antifreeze fluids that circulate in closed loops of pipes, transferring heat between the earth and the heat pump. Choosing the right antifreeze is critical to the efficiency, durability and safety of the entire system.

Benefits of antifreeze

Protection against freezing

Antifreeze liquids, such as Geothermal and Geothermal Eko from Procold, provide effective protection against freezing even at extremely low temperatures. This allows geothermal systems to operate reliably all year round, without risk of damage to the pipes or heat pump.

Energy efficiency

Procold’s products have a high thermal conductivity, which means they effectively transfer heat between the ground and the building. Geothermal and Geothermal Eko are specifically designed to provide maximum energy efficiency, resulting in lower running costs and greater energy savings.

Protection against corrosion

One of the main challenges in geothermal installations is corrosion of pipes and other system components. Procold antifreeze contains corrosion inhibitors that effectively protect the system from corrosion damage, significantly extending the life of the system.

Challenges of using antifreeze fluids

Ecological aspects

Although antifreeze fluids based on monoethylene glycol, e.g. Geothermal, are effective, they can pose an environmental risk in the event of leaks due to their toxic nature. Geothermal Eko based on monopropylene glycol from Procold is an eco-friendly solution that minimises the negative impact on the environment. This is particularly important in the context of sustainability and nature conservation.

Costs and maintenance

Although geothermal installations may seem expensive to build, they prove to be very economical to operate in the long term. Of course, as with other installations, you need to remember to carry out annual maintenance to enjoy trouble-free and efficient operation. An effective way of looking after your installation is also to use the right antifreeze, which, thanks to its properties, will ensure optimum system performance.


Antifreeze fluids, such as Geothermal and Geothermal Eko from Procold, play a key role in geothermal installations, providing freeze protection, energy efficiency and corrosion protection. There are numerous benefits to their use, but they also require consideration of environmental aspects and maintenance costs. Choosing the right Procold products is an investment in the reliability and longevity of geothermal systems, which translates into comfort and savings for users.


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