Aquacorr OAT
Corrosion inhibitor for water

Aquacorr OAT

High-performance corrosion inhibitor for water used in closed heating and cooling systems. The product effectively protects metals against corrosion such as: Aluminium, zinc, brass, copper, cast iron, steel, solder. Prevents the formation of mud and deposits in the installation.


  • Protects against corrosion
  • Economical dosing of 1l/1000l of water
  • Stabilises pH value
  • Prolongs lifetime of the installation
  • Improves thermal conductivity
  • Protects the installation against performance loss

Product form:

  • Concentrate 1/1000


air conditioning
heating systems
heat pumps

Available capacities

1l 1
1l 5
1l 20
1l 120
1l 200
1l 1000

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